maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Two Days at Second Life

I spent two days (Oct 7-8 , 2010) at Second Life (SL)- conference Learning in Different Worlds- conference in Lahti, Finland. I was very skeptical in the begin of the seminar because my AVATAR- identity Katrilli Kling hasn’t learnt to move or fly in SL. Katrilli has visited in SL three times (September 2009, June 2010 and October 2010). Karilli hasn’t found any other AVATAR- personalities in SL and they say that there are thousands of them. I wonder where they are and why they are in SL? I don’t understand why you have to have AVATAR- identity; Why can’t you just be there with your real name and face to communicate with others? After two days at the conference my understanding considering SL increased. SL is a handy tool for simulation work with shared experiences with other people all over the world.

The theme Augmented reality went over my head in the conference. I found more questions than answers to that theme. How to use it in your everyday life as part of your learning or leadership? I’ll need a new conference to solve out if there is any use of that e.g. school organizations. During a seminar I asked a question for the key note speakers; do they value how they spend their time online (social media: e.g. Second Life, Facebook (FB)...) or offline (reality) meeting real people in real life. My question was old-fashioned for them. They don’t even think in that way there is reality (offline) and online- spaces for them. They use both of these areas flexible as part of their everyday life, while meeting people online or offline. I still think that online- working with social media is a different space of my life and I still value more real life like taking my labrador-boy Jesse for his long morning walks during weekends. But can you evaluate yourself, which is more valuable to you: 1) online life e.g in social media (SL, FB...) or 2) reality life with meeting people in real life in face to face?