torstai 11. marraskuuta 2010

A Social Media Tool With High Speed Web Connections

I’ve used computers/IT- technology as part of my life and work the past 20 years. In the beginning the greatest change was when the computer screen view changed from the dark mysterious DOS- world to WINDOWS- world. After that change, it was so nice to know, where I was and what I was doing with e- tools. After that work has changed from paper office to e-office, where I use eight different kinds of software everyday in my work.

During the last three years I’ve created for myself profiles/accounts to over ten social media tools (Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, NING, Second Life, WIKI, Google- tools; Blogger & docs and two Moodle- learning platforms). When I count together all my e-tools, the number is near twenty that I use almost everyday. I have a dream that in the future I have one e-tool, which I use for online calls, video conferences, chats, messages, documents’ pictures’, videos’ sharing and so on for the other purposes, that we don’t even know about yet.

Nowadays, while I’m using e-tools via my laptop I almost feel how a relationship with me and my laptop works. Our relationship has almost human features. When I open my laptop, I’m a little worried if it will connect to the Internet. If there are difficulties to get connected, I can feel how my laptop suffers and I wonder if I can help it. It’s like a human who can’t get air to breath. What to do with a laptop that is not connected to others via Internet?

My new laptop is now two weeks old. In the very begin my laptop had a lot of “newborn’s problems” and I needed advices from our Helpdesk. It was a strange feeling when a person from HelpDesk gave long distance help for my laptop. I followed on my screen, how she digitally touched my mouse and made some “clicks, clicks, clicks” and cured my laptop to work again. While doing this digital cure operation I discussed with her on the phone. I was so relieved to get my laptop baby back from digital doctor and my social media studies were able to continue again.

Now, Christmas is coming in one month, it’s time to make wishes to Santa Claus. I have two wishes. Dear Santa Claus, please bring me a social media tool with all kinds of features I described before and, if it’s Brand is NOKIA-SOME , we Finns are more than happy for that. The second wish is, please acquire me a Web connection, that always works on my laptop and that gives me Internet connections and also allows me to go to our organisation’s intranet, where ever I am.