tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2011

Is there life after a wonderful golf summer?

I've been on a four-month break from writing blogs.  I nearly started to write a golf blog during the summer, but  now, however, I was able to control myself and I focused on offlline- life; just playing golf without analyzing it's outcomes.

Did I miss writing blogs? The answer is yes and no. I think, it would have been nice to every now and then to share my golf experiences with fellow golfers. But on the other hand, it was also quite wonderful to be offline as much as possible during this lovely summer.

Golf is so dangerous game. It has totally hooked me during the last three years. It's the yin and yan in the same packet. It's both social and personal game at the same time. One shot  is just as valuable whether it is 20 cm or 200 meters. The body and mind... I'm still learning the basics. I look very carefully, how  expert golfers find  the right driving  position, reducing the outside world  focusing minds before making the perfect hit. That is a skill and an art!

During this summer, I went to play golf in Peuramaa, Vierumäki, Kotojärvi, Virvik,  Porvoo, Kulloo and Vuosaari. The most beautiful golf course was in Kulloo 4 green. The most difficult golf course is the Vuosaari links course. Playing there keeps up my mind humble. Vuosaari is my home course and I both hate and love it. I cannot wait until  the next summer, when I'll struggle with myself trying to beat the Vuosaari golf course again. It's going to be fun. 

I asked in the title: is there life after a wonderful golf summer? The answer is yes, there is "waiting life to get play golf again". The first waiting period ends in November, when I'm going on ProJenni's golf course in Torrevieja, Spain. After that follows the second period of waiting  to play golf in San Francisco. This SF's golf play will be during of this dark and snowy winter here in Finland. Yes, there is life outside golf courses, you know like social media kind of stuff, but if I were forced to choose either a golf or social media. There is only one right answer for me and that is GOLF. As long as my legs carry on me, I rather play golf instead of looking at the screen.